Hi! I’m Katy.

Sarasota is the city I call home.

It’s a special place, and I’m fortunate enough to introduce newcomers to its unique magic everyday as a realtor. They come to me from across the globe, eager to find the perfect home, the perfect school for their children, the perfect place in the sun.

While Sarasota has always been special, full of beautiful beaches and an incredible arts scene, the city has seen a lot of changes over the past twenty years.

It’s also had its share of growing pains.

I can sympathize.

I was a straight A student in high school until I started dating the wrong kind of guy and fell into a bad crowd. School stopped being a priority and eventually drugs entered the picture. My parents weren’t in a position to send me to rehab or boarding school and had no idea how to handle the situation. The ordeal tore my family apart.

Soon after, I left home and was on my own, sleeping in abandoned homes and boats that I broke into at the local marinas.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t pretty.

In 2001, I was arrested by a deputy (and superhero) named John Cox. Fortunately he saw something in me and my family and wanted to help. That’s when everything changed.

I joined a local at-risk youth program called Teen Court.

It’s a non-profit that’s a mixture of tough-love, education and community service. I met incredible people there who helped me face the facts and see just where my actions would lead me.

It showed me a better way.

Teen Court completely shifted the course of my life and put me back on the right path. My record was totally cleared and the program gave me a scholarship. I went back to school and made up classes at night. I also received a full Bright Futures scholarship on top of several others, attended UCF and became the first person in my family to graduate college.

The world was opening up, but I still had things to learn.

After school I moved to Miami, where I worked in one of the hottest night clubs in the city. It was a lot of late nights, fake smiles and rubbing shoulders with the rich and fabulous. It was fun, but that kind of environment wears on you after a while, no matter how good the money is.

I even had a brief stint on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and was hired to pose as an employee at a boutique featured in the show.

That was a trip.

Shortly after that, I met a professional German soccer player who became my boyfriend. I moved to Germany with him and stayed for around a year. While the relationship didn’t last, the experience was eye-opening. The people were kind and good there, so different from the people I knew in Miami.

After that, I came home to Sarasota, the place where it all started.

I was eager to make a positive mark here and knew that sitting behind a desk from 9-5 just wasn’t for me. I needed a profession where I could control my time and my salary, make the most of the people skills I’d built and use my knowledge of the area.

Becoming a real estate agent seemed like the perfect fit.

From there it was a simple question of getting my name out there and doing such an incredible job with every client that it made attracting referrals easy. I love helping people find just what they’re looking for, and you never know who might turn into a potential customer. Besides, it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to live in a place like Sarasota. The city and the beaches nearly sell themselves.

Being genuinely empathetic, interested and personable with my clients, a constant work ethic and an unshakable positive attitude have helped propel me to where I am today.

I’m fortunate now to own and operate McBrayer Group with Keller-Williams Realty.

I have a team of my own, homes to sell, and a community to give back to. After all, it’s given so much to me.

Teen Court is still a central part of my life, and I currently serve as Vice President on it’s board of directors. Its my privilege and my pleasure to speak to those young people who are a part of the program, to share my experiences and to help them get their own lives back on track.

Public speaking has always been an important part of my journey and through Teen Court, I’ve been inspired to take my own story, its challenges and successes, and bring it to a wider audience. I want people to embrace their faults, to own their mistakes and to use them as tools to become better people and better members of their community.

That’s what this website and my message is all about.

Stick around. I know that you’ll be better for it.